Nothing New

*Listening to “Make My” – the Roots*

Last night, was a late one. Partying, drinking, dancing, living the life, as they say. I woke to the aftermath of a long night and felt extreme dissatisfaction for self.

Some of my people might think and tell me im a bit hard on myself but i feel i can never be too hard myself when it involves becoming a better person.

Lost in the sauce, not too far in the mustard to ketchup but i can fuck off whats giving to me in fell swoop!

This morning, i am no different from most of the people walking the earth. Lost, lethargic, zombied living in the moment and not living for the moment.

I will constantly type and i have typed several times about becoming better. That’s nothing new and it will never be new ever again.

The revolving door of accepting life at a meteoric rise must be an after thought.



The Return!

I have returned!

My words & my mind have transformed and is continuing to transform to another man, walking on a higher plane.

I am beginning to accept my responsibility of an educated man and receiving responsibility gracefully. Beginning to see the light and fire that flows & glows within; a light everyone has seen but me.

I am not a mirror watcher, not self-reflector of my own attributes but learning it’s not negative if I do indulge in self-reflection of my positives instead dwelling on the negatives I must correct.

Self-refection must come in praising yourself as well.

Peace and love.


Words to say

I wish I could find the words to express my feelings. I wish I could express my feelings and thoughts as beautifully as I see in mind.

Not sure if I am the only one who has such a wish but I can accept being the only one.

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